10 Tips for Safely Travel with Your Infants

One of the things that give young millennial parents a hard time is traveling with their infants on long road trips. But of course, they must be carried on any trip, especially if you are going to visit your grandparents.

But does it always have to be a stressful trip because you carried your adorable infant along? Well, the fact is that you can travel stress-free with your kid and reach your destination with happiness. 

There are simple things you can do to make your kid and yourself happy and comfortable all through the journey. Here are some tips for traveling with your infant:

Tip #1: Driving at night

This sounds weird, especially if you are not used to traveling at night. However, this is a great way to travel with your infant with minimal or no disturbance at all. At night, the child will spend most of the hours sleeping unless you have the kind of a kid that is always awake at night. 

Another great advantage of driving at night is driving for long stretches without breaking. Your child will less bored and hungry because he or she will be sleeping. 

Tip #2: Choose a route that caters for your needs

Most destinations have more than one route. Always choose a route that has all that you need along the way whether you are traveling at night or during the day. Choose a route that has access to restrooms, food, service for your car and gas station. This will help you in case you feel tired and want to pull over to have some rest.

Tip #3: Have the right car seat stroller combos

This is a must-have if you are traveling with your infant, especially for long distances. The beauty of having the best car seat stroller combo is the comfort and protection that they give your child. 

The unexpected may happen, but when your child is on their car seat strollers, they are safe from any impact of an accident. You can look for those car seat strollers that are all-in-one. They can be used as car seats and strollers in case you want to move out of the car with your infant. 

Tip #4: Have the required supplies

Every parent knows that children are demanding in their care. If you are going for a long trip, ensure that you have all the needed items within your reach. You don’t have to unbuckle from your seat to access them. You need to carry things like changeable diapers, wipes, versatile toys, especially on the car seat stroller, an extra blanket, some breast milk, and infant Tylenol among others. Of course, you need snacks and other types of food. 

Tip #5: Choose the right songs

Well, although songs may not be so good to your infant, choosing great melodies where you add your lyrics to keep the baby entertained can be a great way of keeping the baby awake and entertained. Singing to your baby is more effective than having some music on the radio, especially when you want them to take a nap. 

choose the right songs

Choose the right songs makes your driving with your infants easier

Tip #6: Don’t be so hard on yourself

You are not superhuman. You will get tired and drowsy after long hours of driving. Pushing yourself to the extreme can be very tragic. If you are amid such a condition, accidents happen. Pullover and relax for some hours whenever you are drowsy. 

Tip #7: Have regular breaks

An adult can stay for up to six hours without the need to use a restroom. However, your infant cannot hold it for such a long time. Therefore, always try to make stops after every one to three hours when traveling during the day. At night, only make a stop in a secure place after three to six hours. You can use this time to change diapers and stretch a bit.

Tip #8: Exchange babysitting duties

Although mothers are good at taking care of infants, it is a good idea to exchange roles after some hours. If one of you is on the wheel, the other should be with the baby resting and keeping the baby entertained. After some time, exchange roles and let the one who has rested take over the wheel. Try to sleep when the baby is sleeping to be refreshed to take over the wheel.

Tip #9: Be ready for the unexpected

Even if you have serviced your car, ensure you carry that spare tire, tire iron, a jack, and other essential tools. Take the right precautions, even when you don’t have your infant on board.

Tip #10: Ensure the car is in prime condition

Can you imagine your car being towed at midnight while your baby is screaming the loudest? That can be very frustrating. To avoid that, ensure you have your vehicle checked before departure. 


The above tips can make your trip awesome and enjoyable, even when you are with your infant. Never think of leaving your baby alone in the car, especially when going for some shopping, carry a car seat baby stroller for easier maneuvering. Now you have what it takes to have a decent trip. 


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