A leaking marine battery

We provide some tips when your marine battery leaks. Nothing is more annoying than a leaking battery. But what should you do when it actually leaks and even more important; how can you prevent this? Leaking batteries; you recognize a leaking battery by a sticky, grainy and fluid that is present on the outside of the battery.

What you should never do with such a situation is to touch this with your bare hands. A leaking battery should always be touched a gloves. The leaking acids kan be very dangerous for your skin and can bite into your body. If you ever get these substance in your eyes or mouth; call a doctor or medical hospice immediately. After you have some gloves and maybe even some eye protection you can clean the battery. The battery is leaking so maybe you first need to pull the marine out of the car, clean the contained car parts and then focus on the battery itself. You can buy or use a small brush and some vinegar to clean the outside of the battery. This way most of the dirt will be gone and then the real work starts.

The second step is to take apart the battery all together  Fill the fluid, check for any leaks and the electricity cables. If you think you are unable to do this; call your garage and ask them to do this. It will probably take them around 10 minutes to do all the checks. When they are done, or you have done it yourself you can assemble the battery again and place it back in your car. Lighten up and you are ready to go again!

But what can you do to prevent a leaking battery? You should use a battery that is coherent with the type of car, boat or other motor vehicle you are using. Some batteries are more suitable for a ford than an Audi. Place a new battery with great care; make sure the negative and positive sides are turned on well, and never leave your battery on for more than 2 months of not running the motor vehicle. This way the battery will drain all the power, when all the power is drained it starts to leak also fluids. Just make sure when you go on for a long holiday or trip you dispatch all the cables from the marine battery and you are good to go!