Acne-Prone Skin Products | Salcura Antiac

I was recently sent this skincare set, called Antiac from Salcura and thought a review was in order. I’ve been using these products for about two-three weeks so I know more or less how much they’re helping my skin.

I will start off saying I haven’t used them in conjunction yet apart from the gels. This set includes a face wash, 25 wipes, acne spray and spot gel. They retail each for about £10 and this is a reasonable price considering acne-prone skin can be a real menace!

If you have oily prone skin, this would work a treat. I have done a first impressions on my youtube, but as for an update, I love the spray the most. The cleansing steps are simply that but the real effect takes place when you apply the gels.

I think leaving a product on overnight and during the day works a charm, and I haven’t had any crazy breakouts since I started using them. They are relatively gentle and it’s not as if my skin goes red after applying it, as with some acne products. The scent is quite strong, as there is a blend of ingredients but other than that they work like your typical spot treatments!

Not to be gross, but usually the next day I found that a spot would come to a head or completely flatten so my skin could start healing, which is ideal wouldn’t you say…

Let me know your thoughts, and fave products!