What are the best 4 slice long slot toaster?

If you are a bread lovers, the first and foremost requirement when you looking for a toaster should be the slot dimensions. You have to ensure that this toaster is fits the bread that you want to toast. Not all models on the market are equal, the width of the slots will determine what type of bread you can toasts.

In order to help you get the best 4 slice toaster that can meet your demand and helps you get a crisp bread, toasted and golden, this post is our advice for long slot toaster.

#1 Why you should get long slot toaster?

At first, you need to decide what your requirements are. If you just want to toast basic sandwich bread for everyday use, then all toasters can do that and the slot width is not your problem. But if you often toast bagels, waffles, large artisan bread, etc. you will need a toaster with long slot. This is because not all toasters can fit large bread. you may need extra wide slots to accommodate your particular tastes.

#2 What are the best long slot toaster?

There are some reliable products of 4 slice long slot toasters that I would like to recommend. Kenmore 40605 Long Slot Toaster, Breville Smart Toaster, KitchenAid Toaster, ect. They are both offer the long slot that can works with most all types and slices of bread.

However, you should consider carefully each of them as they offer different extra features that make your toasting task more easier and conveniently.

#3 How to clean the inside of long slot?

At first, unplug and disconnect your toaster. Disassemble the crumb tray and shake it slightly to get rid of crumbs inside the long slot. Then wash the crumb tray with, they are dishwasher safe, but I recommend that you should hand wash it with a sponge and slightly detergent for the best result.

For the interior, using a soft-bristled, dry toothbrush to clean the slots. If the interior is very dirty, you can add some white vinegar to the bristles of the toothbrush but being careful not to touch the electronic part.

Apart from these thorough cleaning steps above, you also should remove the crumbs as a daily cleaning habit. This will help preserve your toaster and ensure its durability. Wipe the outside of the toaster with a damp cloth.