What are the common types of best bacon products?

Bacon is always one of the typical dishes and appears in most everyday dishes. It has a high nutritional content and above all is a great taste. You can almost put bacon in any dish and still retain its great flavor.

You have eaten bacon many times but already know about the most popular bacon yet? Usually the best bacon products are all common types of bacon, but many people still have trouble distinguishing them.

We will list you some of the most common bacon types and their names so that you can easily distinguish them.

#1 Smoked bacon

Smoked bacon is the most popular and has the most traditional flavor. You can easily find it at any supermarket, and you’ve probably eaten it at least once in your lifetime.

With this bacon, you can either grill it on the grill or add it to other dishes to add flavor. Smoked bacon is usually mildly salty and very aromatic.

#2 Turkey Bacon

This bacon is made from turkey, and therefore less fat than the smoked bacon made from bacon.

Turkey bacon is usually grilled or fried, it has a slight aroma and is often served with salad.

#3 Slab Bacon

The bacon slab is not sliced ​​into pieces when you buy it, so you need to cut it to the size you want.

This may also be a defect but may also be an advantage to this product. Bacon will retain moisture and taste better than when cut into pieces.

#4 Pancetta

This is a type of bacon of Italian cuisine and it also carries the typical flavor of this country.

The difference is that it is not smoked and has a spiral shape.

#5 Canadian Bacon

This bacon is usually round in shape and has been fully cooked. So this can also be considered as a ready-to-eat dish that you can eat immediately when opening the package.

You may also find it tastes a little like ham, so it can also become a child’s favorite food.