Best ball python bedding: Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding vs Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding

Ball pythons should not live in the bare enclosure floor. It is your responsibility to give them a comfortable, safe and natural bedding to slither around on. Instead of some material that you can collect from nature such as dirt or sand, bedding for ball python should have been processed to remove any toxic, bacteria, dust that are threatening the health of your ball pythons.

We come up here two best ball python bedding available on the market and the pros and cons of them based on multiple criteria: Kaytee All Natural Aspen Bedding vs Critters Comfort Coconut Reptile Bedding.

#1 All-natural material

It is obvious that there is no benefit more important than your ball python safety. Since ball pythons tend to swallow a small amount of substrate, they are vulnerable to toxins in their environment. The best substrate should be made of all-natural material, without any extra chemicals that cause a bad affect on your pets.

Kaytee Aspen is composed of raw and natural aspen shavings. It is specially treated to remove additional dust and does not make any mess in the tank. This substrate can keep your pets safe and healthy.

In addition to being a natural substrate, aspen can reuse as nutrient-rich compost for the garden. Besides, this bedding also contains no dangerous aromatics oil or ink.

Critters bedding made from 100% refined organic coconut coir, non-toxic and has no chemical touches. It is also environmentally friendly since it is reusable to improve the soil. Therefore, you can rest your mind that you provide them with this dust-free substrate.

However, due to its fine texture, your pall pythons might accidentally inhale it, but it is not a serious problem.

#2 Easy to clean and replace

You are recommended to spot-clean the substrate daily, deeply clean the tank and replace the entire substrate monthly.

Substrates with light color are tent to easier to notice and see ball python’s waste or wet part on it than the darker color one. So due to the light color, Kaytee Aspen Bedding will easier for daily spot-clean than Critters coconut.

The advantage of Critters coconut is that it is made to last for long, so you will not need to change these animals’ bedding constantly.

#3 Maintain humidity

Pall python requires its own humidity level of about 55% and 60%. An absorbent substrate will hold enough water to keep humidity level up, it is also absorbed odor as well.

Keytee aspen is extremely moisture, very absorbent and performs a good task of odor control. However, some customers complain that it might be able to get too damp then your pall pythons needed and being a good condition for the growth of mold and mites.

Critters coconut bedding has been known as its ability to keep up humidity for a lengthy period. It has an extreme ability to retain and break down moisture as well. It is also can absorb odor and waste of ball pythons.