What do you need in a best bowfishing kit?

Bowfishing is an exciting and challenging outdoor pursuit. It is a great way to unwinding and spending the best of leisure time. However, even bowfishing might be interesting methods to relax, if you decide to spend time for it, you are should well equipped with the appropriate regime to achieve the best results.

The best bowfishing kit could be the great starting point for those who love this sport but have no idea about it. This post is what would be included in the bowfishing kit.

#1 Bow

The first on the gear list is a bow, you can’t go bowfishing without a bow. However, we want to recommend that you do not have to spend lots of money for this essential piece of the kit. Bowfishing bows don’t need to be high-tech, it is more important to look for the one that you are comfortable shooting.

If you are looking for a bow, make sure that you focus on the right draw-weight. Asked for testing before decide to buy to ensure you can comfortably draw and release the bow without straining or tiring yourself after just a few times of shooting. You should not choose the bow that the draw weight is under 35 pounds.

#2 Arrows

Unlike the bow, it is request the quality arrows to get the best result. The bowfishing arrows have to be made of a heavy material and dense enough to go through water and create a stronger impact to get the target.

There are two factors you should consider when choosing arrow that are the shaft and the arrow tip. The shaft should be sturdy and the arrow tip should be sharp and strong to pierce firmly the fish.

#3 Reel and line

You will need reel and line to haul in the fish. There are some common types of reel you can find on the market are hand wrap drum reel, spin cast reel, and retriever reel.  Each of them have its own pros and cons, but whichever reel you choose, it’s important that the bowfishing line doesn’t get tangled.

When it comes to your line, it will be the things that haul in your fish. This is why you should ensure that the line is strong enough to against the weight of the fish and the drag of the water as well.

#4 Arrow rest

The arrow rest will keep your arrow stay in its position when you aimed a bow. It will make sure that the arrow will remain stable and also improve the accuracy of the shot. There are many shapes of arrow rest available like pronged, circular, V-shaped, etc.