Best Bug-Out Bag for Urban Preppers

An urban bug-out bag is the ultimate emergency survival collection for you and your loved ones. It is never a good time to encounter a catastrophic event, but if you do, knowing you have the best bug out bag on your back gives practical tools for confident survival. Of course, this bag contains items for temporary relief of an unexpected life turn; so, you must have the determination to find a permanent solution specific to your needs.

Split up into similar groups, these essential items make up a h2 emergency survival kit for any situation you might find yourself in. The best bug out bag is one you can make for yourself – tailored to your current environment.


Find a bag specific to your needs and ability to physically carry. Waterproof and durable is the way to go. You do not want to skimp out of this part because the bag is the foundation of your survival items. It holsters everything you wish to take with you in an emergency.


Having filtered water on hand in your bag is critical to maintain a handful of days alive until you receive more help. Aim to have insulated bottles or canteens full of filtered water.
Or, if you cannot have that prepared, then choose to have a water filter or filtration system. This can be as simple as putting a small pot into your bag to be prepared to boil fresh water to kill off any bacteria, or finding a manufactured filtration system.


Food is a vital component alongside water for your bug out bag. Try to find food with a high caloric value and that is non-perishable as well. Foods that are perishable will not do you any good and rot away in the bag – you will have more work to just clean up their moldy mess.

High caloric foods contain lots of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Good examples of this are beef loaded, vegetable soups and high calorie granola bars. This helps ensure that you and your family maintain enough potential stored energy in your body in case of starvation. Foods with the highest protein and fats are your best bet because of long-term fat storage and the rebuilding properties of protein.


Tools will come in tremendously handy when you most need them. Be sure to obtain a multi-purpose knife such as a Swiss Army knife, flashlight with extra batteries, spare home and car keys, and a canned goods opener.

A multi-purpose knife comes into play many situations you do not realize until you really need one. Be prepared, pack one, and save the sweat for later.

Flashlights are crucial to maintaining a sense of security in the first few nights if you or someone you are with does not have fire skills readily available. It might be your chance to be saved in the dark of the wilderness or read life-saving information at night. In addition, extra batteries are essential because they can stop working without notice for a multitude of reasons.
Even though these remotes might be in your safe or fire-box at home, spare car and house keys are invaluable items to add to your bug out bag. They can easily quell an unfortunate situation by accessing your car or home that provide safety or valuable survival tools.
Finally, to take some stress off an already stressful situation, packing a canned goods opener is really a no-brainer. Do you really want to be ripping open canned food with a knife or other utensil you stumble across while you are dreadfully hungry? Yeah, we thought so. And yes, a canned goods opener is on a Swiss Army knife, but you really can not go wrong having two of them on hand during unexpected events – especially with a family.


As warm-blooded creatures, we need an appropriate amount of heat to survive. This dilemma can be solved by packing a sleeping bag, suitable blankets, hats, gloves, and hand warmers.
At least one compact sleeping bag is a crucial component to your overall bag. It provides greatly needed insulation and warmth in the night. Use your body’s heat to your fullest advantage by trapping it in a double-insulated sleeping bag while you sleep to maintain a healthy temperature during a cold night.
Warm blankets are needed in all parts of the world. Even in warm climates, the night can become brutally cold because the sun ceases to shine. And of course, in colder climates aim for even more insulation in your choice of blankets. Emergency blankets are a good lightweight option when big, bulky blankets are not a reasonable option for the size of your bag.
Hats and gloves may be one of the most overlooked aspects of maintaining a warm body temperature. Most of the heat in our body escapes through our heads. Furthermore, it is difficult to accomplish much of anything when our hands are bitterly cold. Hats and gloves should be a critical component that have a special place in your bug out bag.
Handwarmers are classic items of emergency protocol. All you need to do is shake them up and squeeze them in your hands and they seem to magically heat your hands. They are small and a very reasonable addition to your urban survival bag.


Picking out the most necessary life sustaining items to put in your bag can really save a life. Question yourself to see if you have anything in your bag that is not really useful, and replace it with something you know will really help. Refer back to this best urban bug out bag list if you forget what it is you truly need to make it for a few more days in an emergency situation.
This bug out bag will be ready when you arrive at the days you do not expect or do not wish to come. Being prepared with your own urban bug out bag as soon as possible is vital. Whatever the future may hold, protecting yourself and your family today is the best chance for survival for tomorrow.