What to look for when buying a best cookware for ceramic cooktop?

Ceramic glass cooktop or glass top stoves are gradually becoming the most popular stove type today. It not only looks good, is easy to clean and has great features. Therefore, a best cookware for ceramic cooktop is also a concern of many people.

Ceramic glass cooktop can easily be damaged if there is a strong impact from the outside, so the best cookware for ceramic glass cooktop will contribute to reducing that situation.

The problem is how to choose the best cookware for glass top stoves? Don’t worry, check out some of the information we’ve gathered below.

#1 Cookware bottom

The bottom of the cooking utensils is the direct contact with the cooktop so you should pay special attention to this section.

The bottom of the cookware needs to be a flat bottom to be able to guarantee cooking performance. Because the glass cooktop is a flat surface, the cookware on top of it must also have a flat bottom.

If the bottom of the cookware is not flat, then the heat from the stove may not be able to pass into the food, leading to a long cooking time. And especially also damage the glass of the stove.

#2 Cookware weight

The weight of cookware is also a factor that you should consider before buying. If the cookware is light weight, it can easily move when cooking. That leads to scratching the surface of glass cooktop.

For cookware with a larger weight, the friction between it and the cooktop will increase, making the cookware not easily moved.

However, you should not choose too heavy cookware because when added food, it will add significant weight.

#3 Cookware material

Cookware should be made of cooktop compatible materials. If you invest in a cookware but can’t use it with glass cooktop, it is a huge waste.

Please refer carefully to the materials that can be used on cooktop. Common materials are stainless steel, titanium and carbon steel.

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