How to use and maintain an electric roaster?

Many delicious recipes require some form of roasting, baking, or elaborate cooking that can only be done on an oven. And the electric roaster is actually a small mini oven help you do all these thing within a short time. The best electric roaster is placed on your kitchen bench, you just need to plug into a power socket, and make a delicious roast in the shortest time possible.

If you are the person who has not used a roaster in the past then you don’t have to worry. This kitchen equipment is what anyone can operate, maintain and makes it really great.

#1 How should you use an electric roaster oven?

If you have just bought a new electric roaster then at first you must wash it properly to get out of any dirt that can disturb the flavor or aroma the food you are going to cook.

Placing the food on the inside of the roater. If you are roast turkey or any other meat, do not put it directly in the pan. Instead, you should place it on a rack, it will slightly raise your meat from the bottom of the pan. This will prevent the meat from soaking in its own fat.

After that, plug the electric roaster, you have to choose the temperature which is appropriate for your recipe. In most of the cases 300- 350 degrees Fahrenheit is enough.

Put on the lid and you just need to wait until it finishes your food. You should not open the lid every now and then as the steam will escape.

#2 Maintenance for an electric roaster oven

Clean it immediately after every time using, especially the pan and the rack should be deep cleaned. The longer the juices and fats stay on the surface, the harder they can be and the more difficult they will be to remove.

When cleaning the internal space of the roaster, tale not that you should use a damp cloth with mild soap to remove the oil build-up and do not soak it in water. It can lead that the electrical components can be damaged.

However, the racks and pans can be soaked in the mixture of mild dish soap and warm water. Do not use soap with a strong chemical as this can affect the flavor and aroma of the food you cook next time.