How to proper maintain the ferret litter box?

It is your responsibility as a ferret’s parent to provide your pets with the best ferret litter box and keep it clean. Cleaning a litter box is not one of the most interesting and pleasant jobs for anyone, but it is essential as your ferret may not go toilet in a litter box that it thinks is too dirty.

It is even more serious that dirty boxes can cause some health issues for your litter friends. This post is some tips and tricks that might make the maintaining of ferret litter box easier for you.

#1 Choosing an easy to clean litter box

A litter box that has low entry and a high back will ensure that your ferret and access the box and get out of it easily and the litter does not spill out of the box. Besides, choose the box that have the large size and straight it will make your work of scoop out the solid much more easier.

Many owners prefer to use the litter box with cover as they belief that it will helps mask the bad smell as well as the sight of the ferrets when they go toilet. However, your ferrets may not like to do business in a covered litter box as they feel trapped. If the box is litter small, your ferret even can get trouble to do their pooping position in a covered box.

Moreover, using a covered litter box means that you add more work in your cleaning routine. I would like to recommend you go with an opened litter box, which allow ferret easily get in and out of the box.

#2 Placing a rag under your litter box

You will simplify your work of cleaning just by placing a cloth or a rag under your litter box. In the case if the litter spills over from the litter box, the rag will help you to keep it. Due to this, it helps avoid your ferret track the litter all over the cage. Keep them away from towels or bathmats as your ferret may go toilet on these things if they do not find anywhere else to go.

#3 Choosing a good scooper

Not all the scoopers are the same. Do not choose any scooper that are not durable and tend to breaks under litter weight. Metal scoopers may rust over time and should be avoid. Scoopers that cause forearm strain also not good to use.

It is better to looking for non-stick material scooper as some litter tent to become sticky once they are wet. It also should have a rather wide front and corners that are very easy to clean. Ergonomic grip handle is a good factor to look for.