What are problems with gerbil wheel?

The best gerbil wheel can provide a healthy exercise and entertainment outlet for your pets. It can’t be denied that wheel provide health benefits for gerbil. However, you can’t explain to them, or teach them how to use their wheel like the other pets.

It is not all the cases but you may get some troubles when you offer a wheel for your gerbils. Some of these issues can be fixed, while some can’t and you will need to purchase on a new wheel.

#1 Gerbil tail get entangled in wheel

Gerbils have long tails and it lead to the rick that their tails can get entangled in the wheel, which has gaps in the rungs. This is not only dangerous but also extremely unpleasant for the pet. The skin may even fall off, leaving the bone underneath exposed.

This can occur while the wheel is turning. In order to avoid this from happening, you should make sure that the wheel you get don’t have gaps. It is better if the wheel has a solid running surface.

#2 Gerbils chewing their wheel

This happen if you provide a plastic wheel for gerbil. Since plastic is a common material that make up wheel as it cheap to manufacture, easy to clean and lightweight to move. However, plastic is the unsuitable material for anything that placed inside gerbil enclosure.

Gerbils tent to chew everything around them, include on things they shouldn’t. Not only chew, they even eat some of what they gnaw on. This is why you should not offer a plastic wheel for gerbils as they may ingest plastic.

Instead of plastic, you can choose the safer material – wooden wheel. You can’t stop your gerbil chewing things, but you can give them something safer to chew and wood is the perfect chewing material for gerbils.

#3 Gerbil use wheel as a toilet

It is very hard to tough gerbil where is the toilet. This animal is quite massy and they tent to go almost anywhere in their enclosure. This means they can us their gerbil as a toilet. Most of time, gerbils do not want to go toilet in the area that has their bedding. Gerbils tent to pick somewhere that is outside of their bedding.

And the running wheel is one of those area, where is not covered by bedding. if this is happening a lot, you may need to get a bigger enclosure so your gerbils will have other place to go toilet.