2 ways to fix shoes and boots crumpled with glue

Shoes and boots after a period of use due to excessive contact with water will cause the shoe to peel off glue and release the sole. However, these conditions can be completely overcome with specialized adhesives.

Below we would like to share 2 ways to fix shoes with the best glue for shoes and boots. These methods are easy to do and do not take much time, effort or money.

#1 Use super glue

Super glue is one of the fastest solutions to help you deal with open shoes.

The implementation is also very simple, you just need to clean the place to be glued, then inject the glue and hold the glue firmly to make the glue stable and stick for longer.

However, when injecting glue you need to take care to avoid the glue from spreading to other locations affecting the aesthetics of the shoe.

However, super glue is not suitable for gluing leather shoes because it will make the adhesive position rough, damaging the shoe shape. Therefore, super glue is usually only used to glue shoes to normal canvas shoes.

#2 Use specialized shoe adhesives

You can also purchase a commercial shoe adhesive that will not need to be mixed.

This is a specialized glue used to paste in general plastic and other rubber and shoe soles have a very good effect. The outstanding advantage of this glue is its ability to adhere to many materials, it has good flexibility and elasticity after drying.

Transparent glue color, after gluing will not affect the aesthetics of the shoe. Besides, the glue has good water resistance, does not peel off when it meets the water.