Best horse grooming kits: How to choose the most suitable bristle for your horse?

The best horse grooming kits that are recommended by many users do not means that they are suitable for your horses. It is important to know your horse’s requirement, what are they prefer in order to pick your bristles wisely.

Buying the right grooming tools requires weighing several factors. But if you’ve never given this much thought to the purchase of brushes before, this post can help you make the right decision.

#1 What is the best type of bristle

First, you should consider the length of bristle. While longer bristles ARE great to remove any excess dirt and dust from the coat, this is the factor that you should look for in a curt comb.

Shorter bristles are great to make the coat smooth and gleam after remove the dust and loose hair. So that the dandy brush should has the shorter bristles.

Secondly, Bristle thickness will decide how clean your horses are. Generally speaking, the thicker the bristle, the bigger dust will be removed. The thinner bristles tend to only get rid of the tiny particular.

#2 Natural bristle vs Synthetic bristle

Your choice in bristle material depends on your purpose. Natural bristles are very dense and soft. A natural bristles brush that usually made from tampico, union fiber, pig bristle or horsehair are more costly, and may take you effort to maintain than a synthetic brush.

A synthetic bristle brush is typically stiffer that you can use to remove mud and clumps in horse body and great to use when bathing. But natural bristle is better to use on sensitive areas such as legs and face.

#3 What if your horses have sensitive skin?

If your horses have the sensitive skin, they may get frightened of being groomed since grooming tent to make them a little pain. You should use only very soft brushes on their skin and proceed with caution.

You also can use the grooming glove and gentle stroke them to decrease the fear of grooming. Use the soft hand towels when bathing your horse on the sensitive area such as their eyes, nostril.