What are the best folding Japanese survival knife?

There are many times when I disappointed about the survival knife that I have bought. Not all the survival knives out there are good quality and longevity. As a knives enthusiast, I realized that the survival knives that comes from Japan are usually satisfied me by their sharpness, durability and ideal thickness.

The best Japanese survival knife are famous for their quality, so that if you do not have any experience about choosing the survival knife, you cannot go wrong with Japanese knives. You can fine more about other type of Japanese knives on link.

Personally, I more prefer to use folding Japanese survival knife as I can put it in my pocket and easy to carry for any outdoor activity. So, I will be reviewing top 4 my favourites best japan survival knife.

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#1 KATSU Camping Pocket Folding Japanese Knife

If you are looking for the folding survival knife that is made of quality materials, this knife is outstanding for this feature. The blade is made out of VG-10 Steel stonewashed and measure 3,9 inches, you will be satisfied about its toughness. Thanks to the high quality steel material, the blade is razor sharp and fine cutting edge, it is also low maintenance and does not require frequently sharpened.

Since it is a folding knife, and compact size of 5 inches long when it close, and totally 9 inches long, this knife is very portable that you can easy carry it along by your side for multiple purposes. What makes me highly appreciate this knife is the titanium and carbon fiber handle, which ensure it is rust resistance and comfortable grip. This is why it is extremely durable knife.

If you are worry about safety aspect, it features a frame lock, which ensure the blade will stay in its position once you open it. It also comes with thumb opening lever and ball bearing system, allowing you open and close it with one hand. It is not very tough, but also lightweight. It is not the cheap folding knife, but it offers you more value than the price.

#2 NEWOOTZ Handmade Damascus Steel Pocket Knife

The blade of NEWOOTZ is hand craft with Damascus steel material, a very popular material for producing knives. There are many layer of carbon steel with VG10 core, what makes this knife is one of the toughest folding survival knives out there, high quality material also requires rarely needs to be sharpened.

This folding knife can be easy to open by one hand, it also features a lock, which keep it in place when open. It has the ideal dimension for keeping in the pocket as it only measures totally 6.3 inch when opened with 2.8 inches blade length and 3.7 inches length when closed. I also love the classic designed leather sheath comes with this knife. The leather sheath is also handmade with wax rope. The belt hole back and the compact size makes it perfect for any outdoor activities.

Cool Bone handle is made from real bone with beautiful pattern. Even after long term use, the handle will become smoother and shine. It also provides a comfortable grip. NEWOOTZ also offers lifetime warranty for their products, it shows that they are confident in the quality.

#3 Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Folding Knife

Spyderco Dragonfly Signature Tattoo Folding Knife is another folding knife that are extremely suitable for survival task and carrying outside. It has a very compact size that can fit in the pocket or in a pack. When closed, its total length is just about over 3 inches long, and when open, it measures under 6 inches length with a blade about 2.32 inches.

The blade is also made from VG10, what make it very tough. The full flat grind of the blade makes it easier to use and retain the sharpness for such a long time even after many uses. You do not need to frequently sharpen it.

It features back lock system to lock the blade, keeping it stays in the position. this blade lock also add protection for your hand while using the knife. The handle is made of solid stainless steel, which is extremely strong and corrosion resistant.