Advice to set up the best light for leopard geckos

Although leopard geckos are not prissy animals and get hard to look after, but they still have some proper requirements that differ from common pets like dogs and cats.

Leopard geckos spend most of their lifetime in the tank. In order to keep them stay well being, you should mimic their natural environment in the terrarium and figure what is the best light for leopard gecko.

Install the best lighting for leopard gecko

You will need some main equipment below:

The daytime bulb includes UVA and UVB spectrum.  This bulb will simulate the natural sun, provide heat and help leopard gecko supplemented with vitamin D3.

A Ceramic bulb plays a role as the heater and providing heat for 24 hours.

The night light blub with red or blue light to watch your pet at night.

A thermometer and a timer to control your install.

Tip for lighting leopard gecko tank

Leopard geckos are nocturnal animals. The lights that to bight on the day and night will make them feel uncomfortable. Ensure that you adjusted the best UVB light for leopard gecko for your pet.

With your daylight bulb, choosing the low capacity bulb and set it to a timer in case you forget to turn it off.  Setting its working time for no more than 12 hours per day in the summer and no more than 14 hours of daytime in the winter. This work will mimic the natural cycle time of day and night.

The night light bulb should be red or blue color, avoid white and yellow light, which disturbing your gecko and affect their natural behavior.

Check your lighting frequently to know if it still works well or not. Changing the bulb regularly depend on its lifespan’s recommendation.