Best outdoor rabbit hutch: Frequently asked questions

An outdoor home for rabbits with a proper, well designed, roomy and cozy will surely bring lots of benefits and help your rabbits live a more natural life. Additionally, keeping rabbits outside also take you less effort of cleaning, avoid your rabbit chew and damage your stuffs.

If you are considering an outside rabbit hutch then there are few questions may come to your mind that make you feel confuse. This post will solve your problem by clear up some queries when it comes to choosing the best outdoor rabbit hutch.

#1 Should I get rabbit hutch with run?

Like most cage designs, the bigger is always better. This is especially true with rabbits. Ideally your outdoor rabbit hutch should connected with the secure run area and the rabbits can easy access to the run at all times.

Rabbits are the energy and active animals. The outside rabbit hutch with run will keep them closer to their natural environment, allow them to do some natural behaviours and also have more happiness. The only drawback about the hutches with run is that they are usually quite large that will take you more time to clean. They also may not come with the doors that large enough for easiest access for handling, cleaning and feeding.

#2 What is the rabbit hutch checklist?

The best rabbit hutch should include 2 parts: a safe enclosed and cozy sleeping area or a nest box, a large open exercise space. However, you should consider the space that you plan to place the hutch. Ensure that this hutch will nicely fit in your yard or garden.

Beside, quality material and solid construction are also important, outdoor hutches are often made of solid wood with the power coasted, which help the hutch last for years and against the harsh weather. Additionally, the good hutch also should have the waterproof roof.

#3 How to clean outdoor rabbit hutch?

The clean hutch will keep your bunny healthy and fresh and t is very easy to clean the hutch basically. Daily cleaning does not take you much of time. You just need to remove garbage or poops and pees out of the hutch, litter for rabbit which are mainly responsible for acute odor.

You even can make this work easier by using litter boxes for your bunny. You also should use the removable tray at the bottom of the hutch for easy cleaning.

Cleaning the hutch weekly may be a litter time-consuming process. Once per week, remove and change all the bedding, then clean the hutch with brush and a mixture of warm water and soft detergent. You can use the solution of vinegar the disinfectant for the rabbit hutch. It is totally safe for rabbits.