Halogen oven vs Infrared oven: which is better?

There is no denying the face that roaster over bring some benefits that make your cooking task much more easier It heat up fater, can be used for verities recipe, easy to clean and saving space. However, during shopping around for the best roaster oven you probably will come across models with an electric or halogen heater.

Each of these solutions has its own pros and cons. But if you are never learn about roster over, This can make you wonder what the difference between these two types of the oven is and which one to choose.

#1 Cooking time

Halogen roaster often take more time to finish your dinner. This is because if you want to cook meats and other complicated meals, which require high temperature, then you will have to spend at least 1 hour to wait until the halogen roaster cool down. Halogen oven requires one hour rest after each cooking session.

This is the problem if you need to cook 2 dishes with one halogen roster. An infrared oven allows you 2 hours of cooking at a high temperature. This amount of time is typically enough for making a complicated dish.

#2 Space

Halogen models are definitely more modern. That means they will give you a bigger field of action, because they are more efficient. However, halogen ovens often have the cylindrical shape. That means they take up much more space and it is difficult to set them in the kitchen. If you looking for the compact size oven then you should go with Infrared oven.

#3 Weight

Infrared ovens are usually lighter than halogen ovens. While halogen ovens often made of glass bases, which add a significant weight to the appliance. But due to this, they seem to more durable than the infrared units.

On the other hand, infrared ovens have plastic bases, which make hey easily develop cracks and are cheaper cost.

#4 Additional options

If you still hesitate between the two ovens, choose the one that has more additional options. Not all the oven has the additional options what make it more than only heat your meals. t is very useful if your oven come with some features of height adjustment of trays, defrosting, hot air, a special baking system for bread. However, it is obvious that the more options an oven has, the higher its price.