What kind of lights do chameleons needs in enclosure?

Chameleons are interesting, colorful animals that are unlike so many other animals and many people love to keep them as pets. However, as with any pet, proper husbandry and veterinary care are the most important factors in a long, healthy life of chameleons.

Using appropriate lighting is one of the most critical factors to your chameleon’s long term health. Do you know how many bulbs does you chameleons need in their cage? With all the different types of lightbulbs available at pet stores it is easy to get confused about what you actually need.

#1 UVB Light

The best UVB bulb for chameleons is the most important things in their enclosure setup. . UVB is invisible but important to the synthetic of vitamin D3 in the skin of reptiles, which allows them to absorb calcium from their food. Chameleons cannot survive without UVB light.

In the enclosure like glass or plastic cage, UVB from sunlight can be filtered. This is why you have to get a UVB bulb in chameleons cage.

Linear Florescent, Compact Florescent Light, Mercury Vapor are three commercially available fluorescent UVB bulbs for reptiles. There is one thing to keep in mind is after about 6-12 months of use, these bulbs will stop emitting adequate levels of UVB, even though they are still emit white ligh, so it’s important to change the bulb every 6-12 months.

#2 The basking bulb

Any light bulb that produce heat and create a hot spot in one place of the chameleon’s cage is the basking bulb. Chameleons are ectotherms, that means they need the external heat from environment surround to regulate their own body temperature. This is why They need a warm place to bask in order to keep warm and digest food properly.

However, they also need cooler place in their cage for the case if they fell overheat by the basking bulb, so they need a temperature gradient. A best basking bulb provides warmer temperatures at the top of the cage but should not be so hot that it heats the entire cage.

#3 Heat bulb at night

Chameleons do not need night lights. Lighting at night is not good for reptiles. Instead, Chameleons prefer a drop in temperature at night, we recommend a low wattage heat bulb such as a Nightlight Red or nocturnal infrared heat lamp or a ceramic heat emitter that does not give off light can be used.