Frequently asked questions about best wool blankets for survival

The best wool blankets for survival will keep people warm and cozy even in the extremely cold or damp areas. This is what make it should not be overlooked in your survival kids. They are also essential items for people who live in areas prone to heavy weather.

You might have heard something about wool blankets that they are heavy, cause itch or difficult to maintain. And you are still in two minds about getting one wool blankets or not. This post will help you clear up all the queries.

#1 Are wool blankets heavy?

Wool blankets come in many different weights and the blanket’s uses greatly depend on its weight. The heavier blanket is more suitable to use in the camping or going to events outdoors at night, where you need a blanket to help you keep warm, block the wind outside. These blankets are ideal for extremely cold winter nights.

However, if you live in a temperate climate than several lighter weight blankets or one that is made from breathable and moisture wicking fabrics may be better than a heavy one. The climate in your living area is not too cold, then a 2 lb blanket is all that you might need year round.

#2 How to wash the wool blanket?

Some wool blankets may be ruined of you wash them in the washing machine or dryer. If it is inconvenient for you to dry-clean your wool blanket, then make sure that the wool blanket you choose is machine-washable and dryable.

Make sure that you carefully read and follow the care guidelines that may be included in the label of the blanket. In the case if you cannot put your wool blanket in the washing machine, you can spot clean it. Sometimes an emergency situation, you cannot care much about keep your blanket clean, so it is better to keep an affordable blanket around.

#3 Does the wool itchy?

One thing that you can hear a lot when it comes to wool blankets is that wool can be so darn itchy. If you’ve ever had an itchy wool blanket, then this is because the thickness of each individual wool fiber is not small enough. The high quality finest wool blankets are made with small fibers that don’t cause itching.

The method of refining wool today also makes it less itchy. This is not means that all cheap wool blankets are going to be itchy, but to avoid it, you should get the premium quality blanket.