Biking …. the finest mode of transport known to man! Harrison Hot Springs surrounded by lush vegetable and dairy farms to dense forested trails, hop on a bike and experience the wind in your face.

The Bear Mountain Side Trail Loop

7.5 km round trip Beginning at Memorial Hall bike east along Esplanade, through Rendall Park to Rockwell Drive. Turn right and bike straight into the Mount Street Trail. Continue on this trail to the Quarry Road Trail and further along until you reach farmland. This trail climbs about 20 meters and offers a great view of the area. At the farmland you will find McPherson Road. Follow this road for about 450 meters, where you will see on your right the trail head of the Bridle Trail. This trail will lead you back through the forest to a bridge crossing a slough. Turn right onto Otter Slide Trail. After 350 meters you will come to New Forest Trail. Turn left and bike back along this trail descending via the Mount Street Trail to Rendall Park. Turn left and head back to Memorial Hall.

Hicks Lake Loop Trail

6 kms. Take a short 12 km drive from Harrison Hot Springs along Rockwell Drive to Sasquatch Park and follow signs to Hicks Lake. Park your car in the “Day Use” parking lot” and bike to the main dock. On your left follow the old logging road. At the fork in the road (just past the outhouse) bear right onto a trail which winds up and down crossing 16 little wooden bridges. At the end of this trail turn right onto a beautiful sunny beach. Follow the shoreline back to your car. Hicks Lake is an ideal spot for a picnic or swim so make sure you go prepared.

  • Quarry Rd: This road runs from McCombs Road to the old shale pit on Bear Mountain. A great bike trail with no hills.
  • Sidehill Trail: From the east end of Driftwood Road, this trail climbs up Bear Mountain and runs along the hillside to the shale pit. This trail offers views of the village, as well as a few bumps and grinds!

Circle Farm Tours: Want to stay away from the Mountains, then venture into the valley and do all or part of the Circle Farm tours. biking the circle farm tour

Bike past farms, pastures, river and country serenity. Stop at the Cheese farm for some homemade gelato. One of our favourites.

As an alternative you can always try Group Biking: A bicycle built for 2….or 4! Jamies Quadracycle Rentals has it all.