Guide To Buying The Best Hunting Flashlight

If you’re planning on going hunting at night, you need to be able to see in the dark. The most tried and true method of seeing in the dark? Flashlights.

But how do you find the best hunting flashlight? Here are a few features you need to consider.

#1 Lumens

Flashlight brightness is measured in lumens. The brightest flashlights are rated at 3,200 lumens, while the dimmest are around, or even below, the 100 lumen mark.

How bright you want your flashlight is down to personal preference, and what situations you’ll be putting yourself in. Contrary to popular belief, the more powerful flashlights are not necessarily the best. If you’re in total darkness, the last thing you need is to be blinded. If you’re out of commission because you can’t see, it’s not the best flashlight for hunting.

However, this doesn’t mean you can ignore the 3,000 lumen flashlights straight out, because most tactical flashlights have another essential feature:

#2 Flashlight Modes

Most modern flashlights have a set of modes, which are commonly alternated through by continual clicking of the on-off button. Mode order typically goes from brightest to darkest with bonus red and then green modes after that. Some flashlights even offer a “moonlight” mode, which is rated at 0.5 lumens, perfect for battery longevity.

If the mode changing method of clicking the same button over and over doesn’t appeal to you, it may be easier to get a single-mode flashlight in the intensity you want. It may require more initial research, but flashlight use becomes a lot simpler with a single-mode.

#3 Range

Brightness means nothing if you buy a flashlight that only lights up 1 meter in front of you. If you’re hunting, you’re not going to be right next to the game, Only you can judge how close you need to be, so make sure you choose the right flashlight to suit.

#4 Battery Life

What’s the worst feeling in the world? Being a mile away from camp or transport and your only flashlight battery dies, leaving you in total darkness. Be prepared. Look into the average battery drain for your chosen flashlight.


Hopefully, you now feel more confident that you can choose the best flashlight for hunting at night. Remember: there is a multitude of different flashlights, all used in different situations. Make sure you’re choosing the best flashlight for you.

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