How Does Trout Taste? And All Tips You Need To Know

Trout is a nutrient-rich food and is popular in many regions around the world. With Omega content abundantly, boosting brain activity, trout has become one of the most beneficial and healthy fish which is the favorite dish of people.

How does trout taste?

Trout is born from fresh water but grows in the sea. The skin of this fish is very smooth, the flesh is orange, an abundant source of essential nutrients for the body, especially omega 3, DHA, EPA, vitamins, B12, iron, protein … Trout has less bone, quite lean and not fishy.

It has a delicious taste, so it is easy to make dishes for the whole family. Also because of the nutritious and juicy trout meat, it is not very strange when this material is popular with Japanese sushi lovers around the world.The trout is served with mustard in the style of Japanese. Therefore, this dish has been introduced into the culinary culture of many countries.

You can use trout to process many dishes according to Asian tastes such as trout cooked with coconut milk, steamed with ginger or onion, baked, hotpot, cooked sour soup or sweet vegetable soup, etc.

Tips You Need To Know

#1 How to choose 100% fresh trout

To have a delicious dish you must first choose the freshest ingredients. To know if the trout is fresh or not, when you choose the fish, pick up the fish tail and shake it to see if the meat in the back is firm, it means the fish is fresh. Or you can press trout with your finger, if the fish has a good elasticity, it is still fresh.

If you choose to buy fish that have been filleted, you must choose a piece of fish with a bright orange color. Each fat layer on the fish body is evenly distributed, bright white and looks smooth.

#2 Fishy deodorant tips for trout

In order to create delicious delicacies and turn up the typical flavor of trout, you must know how to deodorize fishy of trout. For trout processing, ​​you can use one of the following methods:

Method 1: Dilute the salt water mixed with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and then wash the trout, then remove and drain.

Method 2: In addition, you can use crushed ginger and put in a bowl then mix with white wine, then let the trout roll over and over for about 1-2 minutes, remove it and wash it with water.

Method 3: It is to use fresh milk. It is strange to remove the fishy smell of trout with fresh milk, right? But in fact, this is a simple and effective deodorant, you just need to soak the trout into fresh milk about 5 minutes, then remove the fish and wash with water.

#3 The Preservation of trout

If you cannot process trout right away, you should chill the fish with ice and store it for 24 hours.  You can also store it in the freezer, when the trout is frozen, the shelf life can be up to 3 months.

However, when freezing trout, there are some notes you need to take:

– It is necessary to pre-wash the fish by washing with salt water.

– Store trout by zip bag or airtight container to prevent fishy smell and extend shelf life when you placed it in freezer.

– When you have defrosted the trout, you have to process it all, not to rinse it and refreeze it again.


The above information is brief but necessary for all of us when processing different dishes using trout. Whether being a housewife or a chef, these are useful knowledge to choose clean food and cook delicious dishes. You can refer to other articles about other fish at here to always be knowledgeable cooks!