How long do corn tortillas last?

The tortilla is a small, non-fermented round rice cake originating from Mexico. Cakes can be made from wheat flour or cornflour, but according to most diners, the taste of cornflour cake is delicious and easier to eat than bread made from flour. Corn tortillas can be used for baking, frying, soups, rolls, and salads, or as a shell for other cakes such as pizza, Turkish bread … Each type of processing will give a different taste and they are all very delicious. Tortillas are very popular in many countries around the world, especially Spain and Mexico. Mexicans treat Tortilla as a dish that symbolizes their country.

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The shelf life of tortillas is dependent on the basic ingredients it is made and how to store them in the refrigerator as well as at room temperature. Many people do not know about it so they can not avoid making mistakes when using and preserving tortillas. So how long do tortillas last in the fridge?

The way you store your tortillas is also playing a huge role because cooling and freezing food can slow down the deterioration of food at different levels.

Once you have stored them in the refrigerator, keep them in the refrigerator and not store them at room temperature anymore. Another important factor to consider is whether or not your tortillas package is still sealed. to prevent cross-contamination in the refrigerator, an airtight container for the last tortillas is a perfect choice for you. Note that once the package has been opened, it will be exposed to air, thus shortening its life.

Because corn is made from starch, they tend to outlast other ingredients such as spinach. They can survive at room temperature for six to eight weeks if unopened, usually lasting a few weeks longer than other ingredients.

Tortillas are best stored in the refrigerator, so after buying, put them right in the refrigerator. And keep in mind, once you put them in the refrigerator, do not store them elsewhere. Temperature changes will only cause moisture formation and moisture to facilitate mold growth, resulting in damage even before the expiration date.

Freezing tortillas can make it last up to eight months in the best conditions. This will basically ignore the expiration date, so you will have to use your own judgment about their viability when it is time to use them.

Any food, including tortillas when expired, has certain effects on consumers’ health. Many people still subjectively believe that food can still be used when it expires. However, check carefully so that they do not affect your health.

Any signs of deterioration of tortillas such as changes in smell, discoloration, mold spots and any changes you may notice should be taken seriously. If you notice anything is wrong, throw it right in the trash. Food poisoning is definitely not the result of family meals.

To avoid unfortunate consequences, consider some effective way to store tortillas so you can extend them in the refrigerator. Proper preservation methods must be consistent with the ingredients that make tortillas, as well as in accordance with its state. Make sure you have enough knowledge about how long do corn tortillas last in the fridge as well as how to store them to protect your family’s health. Check this article to know more about tortillas!