How long does cooked fish last in the fridge?

A refrigerator is a very effective food storage device that most families have, however, how long cooked fished can last in the refrigerator and still be usable or when they need to be thrown away, is a question that not everyone knows. Processed foods will be degraded and the environment in the refrigerator still has some cold-loving bacteria growing so you have limited time to store both raw and cooked foods.

According to nutrition experts, today most families buy refrigerators to store food. Some busy housewives do not have time to go to the market every day, so they buy a lot of fresh food, especially meat and fish, to preserve in the freezer compartment. Or they cook fish and meat before meals so that they can use it many times and save cooking time.

The advantage

Of low temperature storage can help inhibit the reproduction and development of bacteria, keep food fresh, and not stink. However, does not mean that food, fish or meat in the refrigerator will be 100% safe. Many studies show that meat and fish left in the refrigerator as long as they are metamorphosed, reduce nutrient content and produce many substances harmful to users’ health.

The freezing and thawing process loses 1/3 of the fat dissolved in the meat and fish some of which are almost gone. In general, the total nutrient content after each freezing – defrosting is reduced by 20%. People who regularly eat this kind of meat and fish in the long run are more likely to get sick.

As recommended

It is advisable to store the fish in the refrigerator for a certain period of time and then process, not for too long. Depending on the heat resistance of each type of food, such as pork, chicken, and duck, only for 7 days; rabbit meat, dove 5 days; beef and goat can be left for 10 days. Particularly, fish should not be kept for more than 2 days. Food should be drained and then refrigerated.

Cooked fish can last 1 to 3 days in the refrigerator. If you cook fish before storing, it will reduce the fishy smell when stored in the fridge. However, they only reduce the smell of fish so place cooked fish into an airtight container or zip bag to separate them from the environment in the refrigerator.

It should be noted

After defrosting the food, it should be processed immediately and should not be re-frozen to ensure the nutrients are not destroyed, while limiting the invading bacteria. Ideally, only buy enough food for 1-2 days.

Fish has a rather strong fishy smell. So you need to pay attention when storing them, you have to cover them thoroughly with many layers, otherwise it will spread the smell to other foods that make you feel extremely uncomfortable. In addition, you may need to boil the fish before putting it in the freezer or direct cold, if you don’t like the way to boil or cook the fish first, then you can dilute the vinegar and pour it directly on, it will limit the fishy smell of fish.