How Much Are Sugar Gliders At Petsmart?

Sugar gliders are one of the most popular exotic pets. This animal is a small, cute and playful marsupial. However, like the other exotic pets, they also require some specific care.

Sugar gliders can be the perfect pets that love to interact with you if you do not have enough space for dogs or cats.

But if you thinking about getting a sugar glider, the first thing you should consider is about the cost.

You need to know about how much are sugar gliders at petsmart, how much it takes for the food, habitat, accessories, etc. These things will help you have the best preparation before you take your sugar gliders home.

This post will show you the cost that you have to pay for owning a sugar glider.

If you are planning to buy your sugar gliders from petsmart, you may have to spend about $200 to $500 for a baby sugar glider (8 – 12 weeks old). And it will cost around $100 to $150 for a sugar glider that about 12 weeks old.

This is due to an older sugar glider is harder to train than the younger ones.

In order to keep sugar gliders avoid illness and diseases, they require a well-balanced diet including fruit, vegetable, live insects, and some sugar glider special food and supplement. It may take you $35 for a sugar glider food.

Sugar gliders also need a space to live inside. There are many types of they available out there with the price of about $40-$50, and you have to pay more if you want to buy the bigger cage.

You also should provide your pet with some accessories such as hiding holes, hammocks, climbing posts. These things will allow your pet to show their natural behaviors as they did in the wild.

You can save you money if the cage you buy comes with these accessories. But if it is not, you have to pay $10-$20 or more to buy them.

In conclusion, these things above are all the basic stuff that you have to purchase for keeping a sugar glider. The total cost is around $400-$500. But in fact, it might take you more cost to own this playful pet.