How To Use A Griddle

A stove top griddle is flat cookware that has a large flat cooking surface and used to cook more food at once. You can prepare a variety of delicious meals such as toast bread, eggs, pancakes, hamburgers… at the same time. This kitchen appliance is often made of cast iron and coated by a non-stick layer.  The non-stick coating helps you to control fat to your meals and clean easily. In fact, I think there are still some of you wonder “How to use a griddle?” when you all know about the benefits it can bring. So I’m here for you to give you the general instruction of this griddle pan.

How to Use a Griddle?

The griddle has 4 types in total but two main types that are classified by the heat source: gas and electricity. Normally, the gas griddle is used as a traditional pan that put directly on the gas stove. This kind of stove top griddle is used commercially and you can adjust the temperature on the surface of griddle through the gas stove. About the electric griddles, they are more convenient and frequent in households than the gas stove top griddles. They are made of thin plate material and also equipped with a built-in heating adjustment. They provide a larger area and a more even heat than a gas griddle. So now, when you completely understand the operation mechanism of different griddles, especially the heating element, it’s time to cook.

First, turn on your griddle and heat it up. You need to wait till your griddle is hot enough to use. Several methods for you to check whether the griddle is ready for cooking. An easy technique is to add a few drops of water onto it and see if there is any sizzle or bubble, your flat thin pan is ready. Now, spray a bit of cooking oil or smear a small amount of butter until it melts, place your food on its surface then cook them at a suitable temperature. If your griddle starts to smoke or burn, lower the heat or you can apply more fat into it. It seems like it is never as easy as using this stove top griddle pan for cooking any kind of food.

Griddles are not only used for cooking new food but also for warming up the leftovers or toast foods and a sandwich press. Therefore, no food is not suitable to cook on a griddle but you might notice that each food has its own cooking temperature for the best result, so you have to adjust reasonably the heat and the distance of time you add a type of food into the surface when cooking another one. Things you also should know to use a griddle is that abrasive cooking tools such as metal or wire tools are not allowed when cleaning the griddle. Those utensils can damage the smooth surface.


I picked a griddle for my kitchen last summer and it is still working well now because I’ve always followed exactly the answer that I gave you above about the user guides of the griddle. I hope this helps and this article will go to the people who are confusing of “Stove top griddle: How to use?”

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