How To Use Repashy Crested Gecko Food?

The most difficult part of keeping crested geckos is providing them a well-balanced diet. Because in the natural habitat, crested geckos diet is the combination of vegetation, fruits and insects.

These things seem to be quite difficult to replicate for them in captivity.

Luckily, there are some commercial diets that enable us to replace these natural foods. And Repashy crested gecko food is considered the best food for leopard geckos, crested gecko or reptile in general.

Repashy crested gecko food is one of the most popular geckos commercial food that is preferred by many crested gecko breeders.

What is Repashy crested gecko food?

This powder diet is considered as the first and best complete diet for crested geckos. With Repashy, you won’t need anything else to feed your crested geckos. You can offer them live insect for once a week as a treat if you want but it is optional.

Repshy diet comes in many different tropical tastes such as banana, strawberry, and mango. After mixing, this diet tastes like fruity milkshake or smoothies for created geckos.

This is an economical, convenient, easy way to quickly provide enough nutrients for created gecko without any live feeder insects or expensive fruits. This means you won’t have to concern if the food you feed them is safe or not.

Feeding created gecko with Repashy food

At first, you should ensure that you get your repashy food from a reliable store. This food must be fresh, good quality and not something that is about to expire.

Mix one part of repashy food with two parts of water. This mixture may look watery at first.

Add this mixture to the feeding bowl, and wait until it thickens after several minutes. If separation occurs over time, you can add more powder. The unused food should be refrigerated for a few days.

When this mixture becomes consistent similar to tomato sauce, allow your crested gecko to eat. Since created geckos are nocturnal, you should feed them in the evening.

Any uneaten food in the feeding bowls needs to be removed the next day within 14 hours.