The Propane Heaters That You May Want to Keep For Yourself

propane heater

What’s nice about having the best propane heaters is that it can be used either indoors or outdoors. With its portability, you can do so much. It is a perfect option if you need to make use of a heater and there is no electrical source nearby.

What are some of the uses of space heaters?

propane heater

During cold nights when you just want to enjoy your time outside but you just can bear the temperature, having a propane heater will definitely come in handy.

Working in your little garage during the winter season will literally send chills down your spine. What you can do (if there if your house heater does not extend to the garage) is to purchase a small propane heater so you can fuss around inside your workshop whenever you please.

These are just a few usual examples, but having a propane heater is going to come in handy during cold seasons.

In your search for a good propane heater in the market, this buying guide is your best friend.

Five factors to consider when purchasing a propane heater

  1. The location of where you will place the heater.

If you have the desired location for your propane heater, you will get an idea just what you should get. For example, an outdoor propane heater is a good choice for the patio because it can release a sufficient amount of heat and direct it in a certain direction. Most times, you might need a ventilation to remove toxic substances in the air while heating up the area.

  1. Ignition is the key.

This one is dependent on your preference. There are those requiring manual ignition, where you might have to ignite the fuel yourself. But, there are available units that have integrated ignition. Just by turning on the heater, the fuel gets ignited automatically. The latter is always preferred for its ease of you. However, the mechanism will eventually wear out. Then, you will need to do manual ignition anyway.

  1. The budget will determine your price range.

Set a limit when purchasing any item. Actually, you should do this on all your purchases anyway. To be honest, most of the propane heaters in the market do not come cheap. There are reasonably priced ones, but if you try to go steep, the performance might get compromised. Also, you will need to check the prices of fuel. Factor that in, including the amount of fuel you might need to use for the heater.

  1. Accessibility and portability are necessary.

The whole point most people are on the lookout for the good propane heater is to have a heater that they can move around. The fact that you can place it in the middle of the room without thinking about cords and sockets is also a big sigh of relief. Make sure that you get one that you can easily lift, say when you are going up and down the stairs. Check also its features. It is best to get one that has a handle or wheels for more ease of movement.

  1. Last and never the least on the list is the safety features.

Let us be realistic here, propane heaters can be dangerous. Propane is flammable, after all. If it is stored in the heater, then it will not be considered dangerous. However, you will never know if the heater will malfunction. You should select a heater that has safety features, such as an anti-tip-over switch that will switch off the heater if it gets toppled over. Another considerable feature would be an overheat protection that comes with a thermostat. If the heater becomes too hot, it will automatically shut down. Ventilation, as mentioned earlier, is also important. Check if the one that comes with propane is intended for indoor use or outdoor use.

Maintenance and servicing of propane heaters

Yes, this should be done regularly. By servicing your heater, you can relax and stop worrying about it affecting your home.

When maintaining the heater, make sure that is turned off. Get a vacuum cleaner and remove the dust that has accumulated outside of the heater and those in the heater grilles. If the dust is hard to remove, use a paintbrush to loosen it up.

Do not forget to tighten the grilles, if you must. When cleaning the inside of the heater, remove the screws first and remove the cover panel. With a cloth partially drenched with warm water, clean the cover. Vacuum the insides of the compartment.

It is important to check the safety protocols constantly and regularly observe your heaters. Read safety information and how to properly use your product. Because even if it is one of the best propane heaters available, it will not be enough with improper use.