What Are The Different Types Of Vacuum Cleaner For Fish Tank?

It cannot be denied that a vacuum cleaner is a necessary device for your aquarium maintenance routine.

Besides its main function of removing all the uneaten food, residue and dirt that built up in your fish tank, keep the tank environment healthy for fish. This device also has been known as making water changes easier and faster.

However, Not every fish keeper really understands the differences between types of the vacuum cleaner. If you are confused when looking for a vacuum cleaner for fish tank, this post is what you need.

Two common types of vacuum cleaner

#1 Electric vacuum cleaner

The best aquarium gravel vacuum does not need containers, hoses and buckets to carry water because this device will not change your water. Instead, it will suck the water through it, keep any waste, excess food that contains in the water.

All you need to do is immerse the vacuum cleaner in a vertical position and turn it on.

This is absolutely easiest way to clean the tank without the mess of water. However, this comes at more costly than the manual versions. The cost of an electric vacuum cleaner can be 5 times than normal siphon cleaner.

One more drawback is that not any perfect electric gravel vacuum available on the market.

Some of them do not work really effective at cleaning. Some make a sound while operating. Some even create the vibration that can bother or scare your fish.

#2 Manual gravel cleaner

This is the most vacuum cleaner for all fish keepers. It is cheap and also comes in many different sizes of siphon that means you can use it for various tank sizes. It is not complicated and is the best aquarium gravel for beginners.

You have to prepare a container or big bucket to contain the water in the vacuum process because you will clean the tank and drain the water at the same time. It will take you more effort than electric devices. Improper using manual devices can cause spills.