Which apples are best for juicing?

If you are concerned about health, you will certainly know about the importance of including fresh fruit and veggies in daily diet. Drinking juice is a very easy and quick way for your body to absorption of nutrients even when you do not like fruit and veggies.

Apple is one of the most popular fruit due to the benefits that it brings. With a large amount of insoluble fiber from apple juice, your body can consume a lot of nutrients in a short time. Not all people know about the benefits that apple juice can give us.

#1 Which apples are best for juicing?

There are actually over 7000 more varieties of apples around the world. Choosing apple for juicing depends on your personal preference.

For example, if you just want to drink apple juice, you can pick some different types of apple to enjoy a complex flavor. If you prefer to mix apple with vegetable juice, you should choose a sweeter red apple and you can use less sugar. If your favorite is juicing a variety of fruits, you can use a tart apple to offset the sweetness of other fruits.

Some famous apples for juicing that you should know are Red Delicious, Fuji Apple, Gala Apple, Granny Smith, Honeycrisp,…

#2 What are impressive health benefits of juicing apples?

#1 Apples juice good for your heart

According to study, apples are a valuable source of cholesterol levels lowering soluble fiber. They also contain antioxidants, polyphenol and flavonoids which cause lower blood pressure. Eating an apple per day may lower risk of stroke as well.

#2 Prevent cancer

There is a closely related between plant compounds in apple juice and a lower risk of cancer. Apple juice is the best protective that helps your body destroy tumors and cancer, especially lung cancer. Some compounds that contain in apples such as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory are believed to effective in preventing the development of cancer.